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Cosmic Narl – winner

Check out who won!

Deep appreciation for all those who bought tickets. I love you forever.


Acrylic experiment 01


A friend of mine found a canvas on the side of the road. ¬†After some time he didn’t want it any more so I took it and put colour on top. I usually like to plan my paintings but this time I saw an opportunity to just riff and let my sub-conscious take over.

A Week in the Rain


I made this work specifically for a Pozible campaign that was created to help an indigenous nomadic peoples maintain their culture. Read all about it here:

Penan Children’s Book by Blake Kendall

“A Week in the Rain” was silent auctioned off to raise funds towards this cause. It was a great experience making this work. I only gave myself a week (Thus the name! Though I didn’t do it in the rain).

Blake Kendall’s original paintings for the children’s book.